1.   It is your responsibility to check your Dial-in on the Scoreboard before you pre-stage.  If         you stage with incorrect dial-in (i'm Sorry)

2.   Dial-ins must be on passenger window or on dial-in boards.

3.   Bye Runs are chosen  by the best reaction times. You have that bye until you use it or you         lose a race, at that time a new bye is selected. YOU MUST WIN TO BE ELIGABLE FOR BYE   

4.   One working tail light is required on all vehicles.

5.   No excessive braking at finish line.

6.   If you are in staging lanes you will be paired up if broke or not.

7.   Bye-Backs must be with the same vehicle and driver as the round before.

8.   Staging must be in forward motion.

9.   Each Racer must have Tech card and sign Waiver.

10.  Courtesy Staging:  Both cars must Pre-stage before either can stage.

11.  Auto-Start is used in all RACES.  Tree will drop in 15 seconds after the first car stages.

12.  White line is judgment line for dial-in and Lane assignment.

13.  If you want Right Lane get in odd # lane, Left lane Even # lane.  If both cars want same lane       you flip for it.  Only exception is in a Qualified field like Quick 8, where fastes gets lane       choice.

14.  Speed Limit in Pits is 5MPH !!!!

15.  No motorized vehicle except Race Cars in staging.  No skate Boards in staging lanes. No one         under 16 allowed to be driving in pits except in JR Dragster.


17.  Make sure that SEAT BELTS are FASTENED and Helmets are ON.